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The Idiocy of an Idiot xD
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Saturday, May 31st, 2008
11:40 pm

Current Mood: amused
Wednesday, April 23rd, 2008
11:58 pm
Tomorrow I'm going to see Mindless Self Indulgence with Katrica and two others at Manchester Academy <3

Current Mood: calm
Thursday, April 10th, 2008
10:54 pm
Ignore this plaz XD
This is just to read a text online *rolls eyes*

Send Free SMS

Incidentally, the website is complete crap, but I'm not wasting my money donating to it just to read one fucking text

EDIT: LOL, it didn't even work! XD It said to stick the html code into your blog, only to say that it's not listed on Google. So yeah, go join that site, it works *really* well!

Current Mood: horny
Thursday, March 27th, 2008
9:18 pm
Oh, for fuck's sake, GCD...
Surely I cannot be the only Gaian who is starting to tire of all the shit about 4chan and Anonymous 'raiding' Gaia? I mean, it's ridiculous. So Gaia made a few new items that just happened to be based on popular internet memes, Longcat, Monorail and Ceiling cat, om nom nom, and so forth.

So fucking what? 4chan doesn't own memes. No one does. There is NO COPYRIGHT ON THEM.

[link] Wow. My fucking avatar is shaking in her pixellated Coco slippers.

The only bloody problem is that 4chan seems to be the place where these memes became well known and frequently used - in the beginning. Now, they're known and used across a wide variety of websites, including Gaia.

The only people who give a flying fuck about these items are 4chans newfags, raidfags and closet Gaiafags. The oldfags don't give a shit. In fact, they tend to ask 'hang on...what were you doing on Gaia in the first place?'

Get. A fucking. Grip. Anonymous is not going to raid us. Anonymous have far more better things to do with their time. They are fighting SCIENTOLOGY, NOT GAIA. Don't believe me?

[link] Watch this. A message from Anonymous to another Gaian. Those who have been regular GCDers for a good while should remember the 'G-Corp Labtechs'. Remember LabTech Lead? Before he changed his name, he was 'GAlA - Pools Closed -'. On his profile was links to 4chan which made people think 'OMGWTFBBQ 4CHAN RAID!!!' No. It turned out to be a bunch of users who were bored of no plot update. Let the video go to 1:18, because that's where the video says that THEY HAVE BETTER THINGS TO DO THAN TO ATTACK GAIA. And I quote:

'And we also know of your previous theory that the recent hacking of Gaia Online was our doing. We also know that you have since retracted this theory and realised that it was not us. Please note, we cannot be bothered to waste our time with that site.'

Even if 4chan DO raid they will NOT bring Anonymous with them. Even if the newfags decide that they really have nothing better to do, and decide to raid, do you really think they'll cause considerable damage? No.

'But what about Subeta?' What of it? Subeta was a small community. Gaia has over 100,000 users logging into it a day. Subeta disrespected 4chan by claiming Longcat as their own creation. I don't see Gaia doing that. Subeta had poor coding that was easily hacked into. Gaia's is a damn sight more complex. Not to mention the fact that there's at least 92 staff members - probably more, actually - who will be working to keep any so called 'raids' under control.

If 4chan really do raid, they won't be able to get into peoples' accounts. The reason why they did when they attacked Subeta was because Keith Whatshisname decided to go 'oh shit, 4chan's after us. HERE, HAVE A LOAD OF GAIAN PASSWORDS'. Have more faith in the Gaian staff. Lanzer wouldn't do that. Therefore, all 4chan can do is spam the forums with porn and gore, which can be easily ignored and reported, and then retreat to the guilds.

The last time anyone tried to raid Gaia, they seemed to target all the GD, and sent their trolls there. Because, y'know, a few more trolls in the GD is going to make the world of difference *rolls eyes*. Seriously. The last time anyone tried to raid Gaia, it was so insignificant, I didn't notice a damn thing. So a few people were saying 'we're being raided'. That was the only thing out of the blue.

Jesus Christ, people.

Current Mood: pissed off
Sunday, March 16th, 2008
10:09 pm
Eating dicks is thirsty work
So, Kat came over to visit on Friday, and her, Eve and me went to town and bought a few bits and pieces. I got fingerless gloves that DON'T cover your wrists - been looking for something like that for ages D: - and Kat got a cool hat, and a belly button piercing. In the evening, we all went to an Ann Summers party, held by mine and Eve's friend Marie. In total there was Bev (one of Eve's friends from her panto group. Well, the chair woman), Lindzi (another of Marie's friends), Niki and Sarah (two sisters also in said panto group - Sarah was actually telling us how to play the games and showing us stuff, etc) and another friend of Marie's whose name has slipped my mind.

There were the usual naughty games. First, it was Catchphrase. Not quite Roy Walker, lmao. Sarah came round and showed us all a piece of cardboard with pictures on, and we had to guess the catchphrase. There were 20 in total, and I really badly fucked up on two of 'em, lmao.

One was a picture of boobs, then a Y and then a mousetrap. I only really concentrated on the cheese and instead of coming up with the answer of 'booby trap', my first thought was 'milky cheese' LMAO.

One, there was a picture of an animal with a noose around its neck, but I couldn't make out what the animal was, so I got as far as 'hung like a .....' and then got stuck. I thought 'hung like a horse', but the animal definitely wasn't a horse.

Me: O____O Hung like a....goat?

Turns out, it was donkey xD.

Then we had pass the parcel. Sarah read out a story, and every time she said 'left' or 'right', we had to pass the two parcels in said direction. Turns out they ended up on the same people who started it off, lmao.

Oh, and then it was questions. Sarah asked us ordinary questions ('where did you meet your partner?' 'how much do you spend on clothes in a month?' 'what does your dream man look like?';) and we all had to answer one, and then she read alternate questions, so what we said sounded really dodgy. Marie already made us laugh simply by asking her question

Sarah: Don't worry, they're nice questions
Marie: Oh good
Sarah: Where did you meet your partner?
Marie: *Starts laughing* Down an alley!
Rest of us: LMFAOO
Niki: You're meant to call the police, and you ended up marrying him!

Kat got asked 'what does your dream man look like?' and she answered - I'll spare her the embarrassment of blurting out her answer xD - and she sort of got drowned out by me going 'CLIFF RICHARD LOL'.

And in the end, it was something like

'where did you lose your virginity? Down an alley
How much did you pay him? £50
How big was it then? 50 inches *or summat*
How big is it now? 5 inches
What did he look like then? Cliff Richard
What does he look like now? Bart Simpson'

After that we got shown the toys and the outfits, and after they'd all been passed around, we got to try some on. Eve and Kat nagged me to try on the corset type top that Lindzi had also tried, and I was attempting to get out of it - no such luck XD - and Lindzi didn't help by saying 'it's really comfortable!' so in the end, I agreed, but only on the condition that just Kat and Eve could see. I wasn't coming out of the bathroom, lmao.
Anyway, I tried this corset on, and shouted 'HEY KAT, COME AND LOOK AT THIS!' and instantly Niki replied with 'come out!' (and when I returned the corset, she called me a chicken xD). Kat and Eve came to look, and Kat's jaw practically hit the ground, lmao. She's only really seen me in baggy tshirts before, so she was gobsmacked by this corset xD.

Eve tried on a leather type corset, and Kat tried on the bunny accessories (ears, neck jobbit and cuffs) as well as the naughty maid outfit, and fucked off before I got a pic, lmao.

There was also a lucky dip and a raffle. Eve got a lucky dip and a raffle ticket for us both, and Kat bought one of each, and because the three of us didn't get anything in the raffle, we were presented with penis shaped lollies, lmao.

Saturday we just stayed in, and Kat stayed over an extra night, because didn't get to the station in time for her to catch a train back to Wigan, lol.

Today wasn't wildly different, just stayed in, and then before we left, I noticed that Eve was the only one who hadn't eaten her lolly, lmao, so in the end, I had it. Mr Common Sense went on yet another fucking vacation, and didn't tell me that eating a penis shaped lolly IN PUBLIC is NOT a smart idea, lmao.

At the station, we went into a little office to find out which train went to Wigan, while I'm practically deep throating the fucking lolly to hide the fact that it's penis shaped. And failing. As I realised when one bloke started talking to Kat...

Man: O______O! Is she sucking a willy?
Kat: ....?
Man: *Repeats*
Kat: Yeah
Man: *To me* Are you sucking a willy?
Me: ..D: LOL
Man: *To friend* She giggled!
Me: *LOL's moar*
Man: That's pornographic!

And then we sort of high tailed it out of there.



Anyway, that penis made me thirsty. Eating dicks really *is* thirsty work!

http://smg.photobucket.com/albums/v724/KeshiGothNut/Meet%20ups/Preston%20AS/ BAM! Pictures!

Current Mood: horny
Sunday, March 2nd, 2008
10:57 pm
So Kat stayed over ours, from Friday til today.

We harrassed people on MSN, called each other gay LOADS of times, we all had to play with Candy, and tried to gross each other out, lmao.

Kat went into full motherfucking cleaning mode, too, and started attacking the kitchen. Eve described her as 'a woman possessed', which was pretty accurate, since she wouldn't fucking stop.

Eve: You're meant to be having fun! D:
Kat: I *am* having fun! =D

So yeah.

On Friday evening, we went on the Sims 2 a bit (Kat got creeped out, having never played Sims 2, but thought it was 'too 3D' *rolls eyes* xDD) and I took a few retarded screenshots - which I still need to send to her. Whoops - and after a while we went downstairs to talk to Eve and watch her make lasagne. She had one of those jars of the creamy white like sauces and we watched her pour it over the pasta

Eve: D:!!!!
Kat: xD I was thinking that, but I decided not to say anything. You're disgusting!
Me: =D LOL
Eve: ....D:!!!

Oh, and this afternoon, she went attacking the kitchen again, whilst talking to me through the serving hatch.

Kat: Boris loves you!
Me: Every night! *Thumbs up*
Kat: I know, I heard you
Me: Oh, I thought we were being quiet
Kat: No, you were being the opposite

And later, when she was still fucking cleaning (the girl's mad):

Me: *Seen what she's been doing* Fuck me!
Me: Awww, I didn't get any attention last night, either!
Kat: You had Boris
Me: Oh yeah. And I'm pregnant
Kat: O_____O! Boris, yes?
Me: Yes
Kat: I knew it

....So I learnt that I've now been bonking Boris Johnson and am now pregnant with his love child o___O;;

And if that doesn't deserve sympathy cards, I don't know what does!
Monday, February 25th, 2008
10:26 pm
Y'know, I didn't do it deliberately
Not exactly a rant. Sort of a mini rant with a bit of LOLing in it.

So, as you all know, I'm a wuss. I don't like going out anywhere on my own. The bravest thing I've done is go on a ten minute train ride from Preston to Wigan, with Eve waving me off, and Kat meeting me at the other end. Ten minutes sitting on a train, alone. It's a start. Not going off at leaps and bounds admittedly, but it's certainly a start.

Eve used up all her wages buying groceries on Friday so, as a result we've been a bit short. She managed to scrape up the necessary two pounds needed for her to accompany me into town to Cedar House for today's counselling session. Well, she thought she did.

Just before the bus arrived, she realised she was 10p short, and so I was going to have to miss my session (boo hoo. Never liked counselling, not starting now), because apparently the bus drivers are too damn strict to even allow a 10p leeway. I can't go next week either, because we're having some boring meter fitted, so Eve has to stay.

Anyway, I phoned Cedar House to explain the situation, and they put me through to the woman I was meant to be seeing today, I explained everything again to her. She replied by saying she wasn't sure how it was going to effect my sessions in the long run (LOL, she's the only counsellor who thinks that missing one session means the end of the world xD) and said that she could instead be using the time to see somebody else, because if I can't make it, then she's got my allocated time free. I think, I *think* she might have tried to actually get rid of me at one point, too. A sort of 'well if you're not coming for two weeks, is there a point in continuing?' type thing. XD I should be so lucky!

I so felt like saying 'y'know, it's not like I did it deliberately. It's not my fault, it's one of those things. Unavoidable.'

But LOL, she then asks me if next week, I could possibly come on my own, because if I can manage to catch a train from Preston to Wigan on my own, then surely I could do other things too?

Um. No. Try again. So I had explain about needing people each side to wave me off/welcome me, and reluctantly she gave in.

So whoopee, next Monday I don't have to get up in the middle of the night! =D

And also, on the plus side, at least I've now learnt my counsellor's first name XD
Sunday, February 24th, 2008
8:21 pm
Whoops! XDDD
For those who don't know, this is talking about the items on Gaia Online xD. Because Kat, Loz and me are all Gaiafags <3
  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:
your avi xD

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:
yeah, she actually didnt kill me when i gifted her the ducky

[[TheRedQueen]][[<3 The God of the Internet <3]] says:

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:
i love the fucky hat so much

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:
fucky hat = penis in vagina on your head?

[Darth Kat][<3 the Circus of Horrors] http://katatoille.myminicity.com/ says:

  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Buffy the Shoe Washing Vampire   says:

[[TheRedQueen]][[<3 The God of the Internet <3]] says:
Tuesday, February 19th, 2008
11:36 pm
Ohh, I wish people would say when they're dicking around on a friend's MSN

paul says:
hi derek
  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Ualuealuealeuale!    says:
who the fuck is derek?
paul says:
derek ballucks
  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Ualuealuealeuale!    says:
....i dont have the slightest clue what youre talking about
paul says:
its me derek from the wedding
  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Ualuealuealeuale!    says:
i think youve got the wrong person
paul says:
no you were at the weddin
paul says:
paul says:
  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Ualuealuealeuale!    says:
right, whatever you say
  Mrs Däyna-Cakes Oscar Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant 'i wqatche di rofl' Ualuealuealeuale!    says:
i dont know any derek and im not in the mood to get dicked around with

D: The list of annoying people I've had to block is getting rather long now, LOL
Thursday, February 14th, 2008
2:36 am
I'm smart
I locked myself in the living room D:

On the night before I was due to go round Kat's, I went downstairs in the small hours of the morning to watch a DVD, and meant to HALF CLOSE the living room door (the door's been sticking for a while, and yes, it's jammed up nicely before, but we always managed to get the damn thing open again), but being the clever soul that I am, I accidentally fully closed it, but didn't think too much of it, because I thought I'd be able to open it eventually.

Anyway, at 6am, I decided it was time to go to bed, since I had to get up at 10am (XD sleep? Who needs sleep?) and tried to open the door.

It wouldn't open.

Pulled and pulled at it, damn thing wouldn't budge, not even the slightest, and all my futile attempts at opening it woke up the dog, Candy (I swear, that dog can hear a fly farting outside the house) and thankfully, that persuaded my housemate to go downstairs, and I explained to her through the door what had happened, and she tried to open the door as well, all to no avail. I mean, she body slammed it, she kicked it, she took a fucking hammer *and* a mallet to it, and still nothing. So she phoned the police, who couldn't really do anything.

So I had to persuade her to phone the fire brigade. She called the local fire station, who told her to call 999, and when she did, the operator told her off, lmao, saying she should have called a joiner (I think - someone who specialises in wood. But that would have taken another hour or so, and they would have expected payment, and were a bit strapped for cash that day D: ) but sent a fire truck out anyway.

Which arrived with lights blazing. Talk about humiliating. I'm just glad there was no siren.

They unscrewed the door handle outside and managed to get the door open somehow, and then gave me the parts as a souvenir or something o_O;; but it's all been fixed so that can't happen again, LOL.

Ahh, only me =D
Monday, February 11th, 2008
4:16 pm


Monday, February 4th, 2008
1:57 am
What the fuuuuuuck?
So I just went into my Junk Mail folder to see if an email I was waiting for had arrived, when I saw this little gem...

Jeffrey Felicia Blonde lesblans fisting birth‏

What the fuck is that, anyway? Two lesbians trying to fist fuck each other whilst one's giving birth?

'Hey, get that bloody baby out of the way, I'm trying to get my hand up there'??

Sunday, October 21st, 2007
8:35 pm
Monday, October 15th, 2007
9:12 pm


And just to be evil....


Current Mood: hyper
Saturday, June 9th, 2007
9:57 pm

Keshi135132518 says:

lol what was it you did on Valentines day?

Keshi135132518 says:

never mind

Mrs Däyna-Cakes Triangleface Tekafutoka Tani Ant'i wqatche di rofl'You're a failure played in stereo says:


Current Mood: hyper
1:27 am
Hey kids, it's Mark Hamill! (Applause)
So, it's Katrica's 17th today, aaaand, her, her mum Linda, Eve and me all met up to celebrate xDD. Kat had invited us both over to Wigan for dinner (or tea, lol. I may have a Lancastrian accent now - as Nikki found out XD! - but I still say things like a southerner. Dinner is still dinner, and not lunch, etc). I don't know the way to Wigan from Preston. I've only ever travelled there on a train. Eve doesn't know the way to drive to Wigan, either. We got lost =D. We ended up in Tescos, and texted Kat, and she met us there, and we said hello, we gave her the card Eve made (when asked what she wanted as a present, she wouldn't give us a straight answer, and insisted on a hug, lol, and cos we didn't have any ideas, we couldn't really get her owt -_-. Although she insisted that our visiting was her present XD). 

We couldn't leave until Linda arrived, and we all chose to go in one car, so the carol we'd borrowed from our mate Carol got left in the car park, LOL. We went to the Wigan bowling alley, and Kat and me went on the dance machine. She was insistent on making me suffer Afronova on difficult, and I was convinced I was going to balls it up, and just plain horrendously fail. I didn't! I got a B! XDD. Some dude was waiting to go on the dance machine after us, so we went on Uncle Fester's electro thingy. Basically, there are two metal poles to hold onto, and if there's two people playing, they gotta have one hand on a pole, and hold hands with each other. Select a strength, and try not to let go of each other, and the pole. IT VIBRATES. IT VIBRATES LIKE A BITCH. The vibration increases all the time, and then every now and then, WHOOMPH! Massive increase in the vibration as the 'voltage' increases. We were screaming like nutters XD. Went back to Eve and Linda who were sitting down, then waited behind the guy on the dance machine, who was doing Afronova on a difficult level, while I was like '=o!!' he was bloody good at it, for a heavy footed idiot. Lol. I gave him a mini round of applause - cos I was geniunely impressed - when he finished, and he ignored me ¬_¬. SO yeah. We had another go on the dance machine. Then we went to Frankie and Benny's. We were loud. We were hyper. We were taking pictures like they were going out of fashion. It PWNED. It pwned like hell =D. We were the last people to leave, too, lmao. Kat didn't want us to tell the people it was her birthday, and it happened to be the birthday of two other people, too. And after the little sing song for that person, they played Cliff Richard's 'Congratulations'. x__X! It SUCKED OMG.

We left, told each other rude jokes, and when we got back to Tescos, Kat refused to let go of my arm, lmao. Seriously! She turned into a limpet, lmao. Clingclingclingcling. Took ages to get her off, lmao. Finally let me go, and we parted ways, and TADA! Back home at just gone 1am xD


Kat in the middle of a sentence in Tesco's car park

Kat reckons this doesn't look like her, LOL. In Frankie and Benny's (the pics aren't in order, btw)

Pondering? Or maybe wondering what the hell I'm doing with the camera XD

She's got a HUGE tongue! O_O

Aahahahaha, I think this was meant to be me, lmfao

I have eyes! I thought my face was completely white, lmao

Eve grinning

She's pointing at my G-CORP tshirt, not my bewbs ¬_¬

Eve's drink XD

Eve again

LMAO, they were talking XD. This made Kat and me LOL so much!


XDD One of Kat's presents was a bunny girl outfit, lmao. She wasn't actually drunk - we hadn't had enough booze to be drunk, lol. Kat said several times that she always looks drunk in photos. And it's true XD

What little there was left of our sharing platter starter xDD

My God, this really is creepy! xDDD!!

Kat's bunny tail XD



C'mon. We pwn. You know it XD

I've always said that sanity is boring...

It's official. We're sisters. Unfortunately, our mother is Psycho Kirsty...

XD Kat pondering with her bunny ears

...Don't ask

Lmao O_O


I think this was meant to be a crotch pic in revenge for the boob pics I took of Kat, lmao, but my arm was in the way xD

I had a Stella XD. Although, it wasn't quite so nice after Kat and me had shared the sickly sweet double cookie thing, lmao

XD Me being a jackass in Tesco car park

Anyone seen the picture of the evil rabbit holding the crying baby? Well, when we saw Kat's expression, we were both reminded of that pic, lmao

This is what happens when I stick the camera too close in Kat's face XD

.....I took this by sticking my arms around Kat, with the camera facing us, lmao

Linda's drink

Linda's keys, lol

Kat's drink


xD Kat with drinkulator

Bunny girl XD
Thursday, May 17th, 2007
9:18 pm
Hurry the fuck up, Ryanair

Dear Ryanair,


Approximately a week ago, I sent you an email inquiring as to why my flight for the 1st of June (with a return flight on the 8th) had been cancelled. I have yet to receive a reply.


I need to know when I can expect my refund to be paid to me, as, since my flight was cancelled, I have been forced to think of another arrangements, but I cannot sort them out until I am paid back my money.




Däyna Axtell

Okay, the bit about other arrangements is bollocks, (I'm gonna start saving up for tickets so I can actually come to visit before I collect my pension. Goddamn Ryanair) lol, but they don't know that xD

Current Mood: pissed off
8:33 pm
I can't believe I forgot to do this...

Current Mood: happy
Saturday, May 12th, 2007
1:30 am
Return of the Ryanair Wanksplats

Oooookay, so after Ryanair kindly cancelled my flight to Stansted without so much as a reason why, I finally pulled my finger out of my arse and sent them an email to complain, even though theres a chance it will do sweet fuck all. Hey, at least I tried. It's scary how mature and pissed off I can sound when I put my mind to it, lol

Ryanair said:

Ryanair regrets that following an operational review the route detailed below
will cease operation from 4th June 2007.

London Stansted (STN) to Blackpool (BLK)

Blackpool (BLK) to London Stansted (STN)

Please advise any other passengers who may be travelling in your party of the

Any flights booked to depart on/after 4th June 2007 have now been cancelled and
a refund will be processed back to the original form of payment as specified at
the time of booking.  If your affected booking includes a flight to travel
on/before the 3rd June 2007 and you wish to receive a refund on this unused
flight please click on the link below and fill in the details.


Ryanair wish to apologise sincerely to all passengers who may by inconvenienced
by these cancellations.

And *I* said... 

Dear Ryanair,

On the ninth of May, I received an email from you in regards to my upcoming flight from Blackpool to Stansted, London, which was meant to be on the first of June. You told me that it had been cancelled, yet failed to specify a reason as to why that was.

Now, not only has this cancellation greatly dissatisfied me, I was further appalled by your lack of customer services by not even telling me why you chose this. I would like to hear your reasons for this decision, and, since I filled out the form for a refund given in the email, I expect to have my money refunded in full, and promptly.

I look forwards to hearing from you soon,


Däyna Axtell.

Unfortunately, the effect of this was somewhat spoiled by the fact that my signature read 'erotic is using a feather. Kinky is using the whole chicken. LOL'

Current Mood: happy
Wednesday, May 9th, 2007
7:56 pm
FUCK you, Ryanair!
Ryanair cancelled my flights. Cunts wouldn't even tell me why. There isn't any other way I can travel that isn't incredibly expensive, or without me practically crapping myself. So it looks like I can't go. Considering the fact that people are still spreading shit about me, maybe it's for the best. Fucking Ryanair -_____-

Current Mood: pissed off
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